Silk Floral Care

To ensure your floral cake topper remains stunning for years to come, keep the following silk flower care tips in mind:

  • Avoid displaying silk flowers in direct sunlight, as the sun will fade the colors over time.
  • Dust the silk flowers regularly to avoid buildup.
  • Dust silk flowers gently, using a soft feather duster. Small, intricate areas may be dusted with a small, soft paintbrush.
  • Do not store silk flowers in a musty, damp, or smelly area.
  • Do not store silk flowers anywhere that they might become squished or crushed.
  • If you attempt to wash silk flowers, do so with care, using cool water and a little dishwashing detergent, abut test to see if colors bleed.
  • You may choose to use a special silk flower cleaning solution (or make your own), but follow directions carefully.