Flower Symbolism

Below you will find an interesting list of the hidden meaning behind certain flowers and flower colors. You may want to consider these when choosing the silk flowers for your cake topper.

Apple blossom — hope and good fortune
Baby’s breath — pure heart, constancy
Bluebell — gratitude
Calla lily — magnificent beauty
Carnation — pride, beauty, deep love
Pink carnation — everlasting remembrance. (Also a symbol of Mother’s Day)
Red carnation — admiration
White carnation — pure and ardent love
Cherry blossom — love, transience of life
Daffodil — chivalry, regard, devotion
Daisy — innocence, youth, gentleness
Forget-me-not — remembrance, true love
Hibiscus — delicate beauty
Holly — foresight, good wishes
Iris — my compliments
Ivy (we know it’s not a flower, but it’s used on some cake toppers, and the symbolism is worth knowing) — friendship, eternal fidelity, matrimony, and conjugal affection.
Lilacs — first emotions of love
Lily — purity, majesty
Lily-of-the-valley — return of happiness, purity, and humility
Marigold — affection
Orchid — rare beauty
Pansy — thinking of you, thoughtful recollection
Poppy, red — pleasure
Queen Anne’s Lace — magic, trust, healing, and steadfast love
Rose — a full blooming single rose (any color) means, “I love you.” (Rose leaves symbolize hope.)
Red rose — love, passion
White rose — purity, humility, and worthiness
Pink rose — grace, gentility, and perfect happiness
Yellow rose — joy, gladness
Orange rose — desire
Red and Yellow blended rose — happiness
Rosebud — beauty of love, friendship, youth, and hope
White rosebuds — a heart that knows no love
Sweet Pea — delicate, blissful pleasure
Tulip — declaration of love and passion
Red tulip — undying love
Variegated tulip — beautiful eyes
Yellow tulip — hopeless love
Violet — modesty, simplicity